Rita Riccio was born in Venice, a city of art from which she drew a great sensitivity for shapes and colours.

She has always been fascinated by the expressive potential of a wide variety of materials, enhanced by her creativity.

Rita Riccio began travelling at a very young age. Her journeys around the world offer a wealth of inspirations that emerge in the form of magical creations.

Over time, this passion has become a real art, which Rita has been offering to well- known designers for years. Although she has remained in the shadows, her strong personality has characterised collections of clothing and accessories.

The meeting with a jeweller able to recognise her artistic flair conviced her to express herself with her own brand.

This led to the idea of creating a fashion jewellery collection, a “pret à rever”, a way of making even the simplest creation something beautiful and unique.

Now all women can treat themselves to a piece of Rita Riccio costume jewellery, experiencing the luxury of a top quality, stylish and elegant Made in Italy creation.

Rita Riccio continues to travel and seeks inspiration from art and nature, which are what make each of her creations so strong and sensorial. This experience results in a tangible dream for those who own a piece of her costume jewellery.